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This is our son Maciek. Few years ago, he was a happy young man in love, with dreams and plans for the future. This photo was taken a week before his accident.

The accident happend on the 27th of May 2013 and caused a swelling of the brain and hypoxia. The mortality rate for these injuries was set at 89%. The struggle for his life lasted more than two weeks. Our prayers were answered - our son is alive! Unfortunately, he cannot move or speak. He is fed through a tube (PEG). Thanks to support of many people we were able to provide him a proper rehabilitation. Maciek made a great progress. He is now able to sit in a wheelchair, tries to eat with his mouth and makes first sounds. He communicates with us using eye movements. To further improve his abilities, we need a financial support for the rehabilitation and a rehabilitation equipment.

We kindly ask each of you for any donations you can give to help bring Maciek back to health. If you live in Poland, you can donate 1.5% of your tax to support Maciek.


We will be very, very grateful

Mariola and Kazimierz Kulas

Data needed to donate 1.5% of tax


1. OPP Name: Fundacja "Światło"

2. KRS: 0000183283

3. Under "informacje uzupełniające - cel szczegółowy 1,5%" tax form field please put: Maciej Kulas


Account number for any other donations

34 1240 4009 1111 0000 4490 9943 with wire-transfer title ,,na leczenie Macieja Kulas''

Address details

Fundacja "Światło"
ul. Grunwaldzka 64
87-100 Toruń
phone no +48 56 651 12 17

International donations

Account number (IBAN): PL 34 1240 4009 1111 0000 4490 9943
wire-transfer title: na leczenie Macieja Kulas

PayPal Donations

If you prefer to donate directly to an account held by his family, you may do so using PayPal (payment by credit card or your PayPal account) by clicking the button below:

Other currencies

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